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Hahaha! The name says it all. Quite literally. It is what it is, get your minds out of the gutter kids :)

A few years ago we bought one of those counter-top stands with a hook for your bananas but we got a little over-excited and broke it as soon as we took it out of the box. A few weeks ago I found it shoved in the back of a rarely-used cupboard and thought that a banana hammock would be better for 2 reasons:

1: It gives you a reason to say "banana hammock" throughout the day.
2: What do you do when you only have one last banana and you can't hang it on the hook?


I used a Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn and a 6mm hook.


* We're using only 3 chains to turn at the beginning of each row to keep the hammock edges more snug than the body.

* At the end of each row, the final treble crochet stitch is placed in the 3rd stitch of the turning chain.

* For each row the stitches skip over the chain spaces and are placed in the treble stitch of the previous row to form a mesh or net-like fabric. (Have a look at the following images or my sketch for a better idea).


To begin, ch 15 and join with a sl st to the 11th chain from hook. Sl into next 4 ch

Row 1: Working in the same space as last sl st, ch 4 (counts as 1 tr and 1 ch), *tr, ch1* (3 times), tr.

Row 2: ch 5 [counts as 1 tr and 2 ch], *tr, ch 2*x3, tr.

Row 3: ch 6 [counts as 1 tr and 3 ch], *tr, ch 3*x3, tr.

Row 4: ch 7 [counts as 1 tr and 4 ch], *tr, ch 4*x3, tr.

Row 5: ch 7, tr, ch 4, in next stitch (tr, ch 3, tr), *ch 4, tr*x2.

Row 6: ch 7, tr, ch 4, *in next stitch (tr, ch 3, tr), ch 4*x2, tr, ch 4, tr.

Row 7: ch 7, *tr, ch 4*x6, tr.

Row 8: ch 7, tr, ch 4, *in next stitch (tr, ch 3, tr), ch 4*x4, tr, ch 4, tr.

Row 9: ch 7, *tr, ch 4*x10, tr.

Row 10 & 11: Repeat Row 9

Row 12: ch 7, *tr, ch 4, tr, ch 3,*x4, tr, *ch 4, tr*x2

Row 13: ch 7, tr, ch 4, *tr 2 sts tog, ch 4*x4, tr, ch 4, tr

Row 14: ch 7, *tr, ch 4, tr, ch 3*x2, *tr, ch 4* x2, tr.

Row 15: ch 7, tr, ch 4, tr 2 sts tog, ch 3, tr 2 sts tog, *ch 4, tr* x2

Row 16: ch 7, tr, ch 4, tr 2 sts tog, *ch4, tr*x2

Row 17: ch 6, *tr, ch 3*x3, tr

Row 18: ch 5, *tr, ch 2*x3, tr

Row 19: ch 4, *tr, ch 1*x3, tr

Row 20: ch 3, tr 4 sts tog, do not fasten off

To finish, ch 15, join to 11th ch from hook and sl for next 4 sts.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

I'm actually pretty proud of how this turned out for a first try. I scribbled out a sketch and decided to place the increases down the center to give it more of a boat-like shape rather than at the edge which would make it fan out. If that makes sense. It's a bit long, but if you had more stuff in it, then the length would be reduced by the increase in bulk.

Edit:4/20 Here's a good and detailed video with a how-to on Treble 2 Together.

Creative Commons License
The Original Banana Hammock - Crochet Pattern by Jennette Reid is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


Aug. 20th, 2012 03:46 pm (UTC)
So I'm still sorta learning how to crochet and I love this pattern, but I'm having a little trouble with it. Please explain what I'm doing wrong.
Row 8 calls for 4 sets which would made 13 and row 9 only has 11..?
Then on row 12, how am I supposed to do it, each in a different stitch or are they combined like the other rows?
Aug. 20th, 2012 04:04 pm (UTC)
Re: Help!
Hmm, I'm not sure I follow. But let me see if I understand.

- Rows 1 through 4, you should have 4 open spaces and 5 posts (made of the trebles)
- Row 5 has an increase, making 5 open spaces and 6 posts
- Row 6 has 2 increases, making 7 open spaces and 8 posts
- Row 7 has no increases
- Row 8 has 4 increases, making 11 open spaces and 12 posts
- Row 9 looks like it has a mistake! should be:

Row 9: ch 7 (Counts as 1 tr and 4 ch), *tr, ch4* x 10, tr

This would make no increases, and the row should then have 11 open spaces and 12 posts.

Hope that helps!!