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Yesterday, we went to Ikea to get a second mattress and slatted base for the bunk bed we've been working on.
Last night, my dad helped bring the large pieces from his workshop to our house.
Today, we put the bed together.

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The kids were ecstatic!

Eddie is thrilled that she doesn't have to sleep in a crib anymore, and Bruno is overjoyed that he finally has a bunk bed. He kept giggling and saying "I'm so happy!", "I love my bed" and then my favourite: "I can't wait to tell all of my friends! This is the greatest bed ever!"

We had a lot of trouble finding beds that would fit in their small room. Bunk beds all start at Twin size and we just can't fit a twin sized bed anywhere in the room in any arragement, let alone two OR a twin sized bunk bed. Gah. So I took to the interweb. Found a few sets of plans some free, some not. But nothing I loved as much as this one from the Smallish Blog.

I just kept going back to it and it was really my favourite. So, I emailed Evelyn and asked how I could get a copy of her plans and she sent them to me right away! Wh00t! How wonderful is that?!

Their plans used a crib-sized mattress, so we adjusted it to fit a junior mattress from Ikea, which we think will last the kids a bit longer.

Mattress Sizes
Crib Ikea Twin
51 5/8" 63" 74 3/8"
27 1/4" 27 1/2" 38 1/4"

And there you have it.

I think the cost worked to about the same as theirs. We already had one mattress so just had to get the second which was $79. $200 (I think?) for the wood and $25 for paint. We already had the tools and screws and primer. Not bad.

I should also mention that we used some heavy duty nylon strapping and washers to secure the bed to the studs to ensure it never tips over. I don't have pictures of this but the strapping is secured to the wall/studs with a washer and screw (washer prevents screw from tearing through) and then to the bed frame with another washer and screw. We have it secured in two places. I'm not worried about my monkeys tipping it over, but if we have friends with young kids over and anyone decides to climb/hang, we want to be prepared for the worst. Kind of like this:


So there you have it!

We can get a few more years out of the kids sharing a room, and now they have a ton of space for playing. It was getting a bit cramped in there.

Super special thank you to Evelyn and Caveman of Smallish blog (http://www.smallishblog.com/). Please go give them some loving :)

Also... worth noting: For the first time -- EVER -- in the history of my children, the phrase "Is it bed time yet?" was uttered with hope and not dread.

One more:

I am getting so bored with Etsy. I feel like I only ever see the same stuff in my feed. Can you recommend something awesome?


I am so bad at this.

One of my soft-goals for the new year was to journal a bit more. Mostly for me. It's good to jot stuff down. Partly because the decline of LJ makes me sad.

So onwards and upwards!

Do you have anyone in your address book, Facebook list or LiveJournal that has passed away, and you just can't delete them?

I had a Facebook notification for some upcoming birthdays. And Laura's is next Friday. I can't even remember how long ago we met, here on LJ, and whether it was the Bunny community or the Lipgloss Whores (Ahhh the good old days!) but we hit it off pretty well. We definitely bonded over bunnies and our love of the Winchester House - I remember sending her a postcard when Adam and I were there in 2006! She just always seemed so real, unapologetic. I admired that. I'm not going to pretend we were best friends, we weren't, but sometimes people enter your life on the fringe but still leave an impression.

Laura passed away in 2013 but she still pops into my head from time to time. So, in honor of her birthday next week. Here are two entries she shared:

Part of a 10-day Meme, Day 10: Final WordsCollapse )

A random gem.Collapse )

I think people should take comfort in knowing that even though you may not be aware, you ARE loved and somewhere, someone is thinking of you.

Up to much...

I've been keeping busy crocheting up a storm. This year is the first year that I'm resolved not to crochet for gifts. Please. I don't have time for that. But I have been crocheting like a maniac because there's so many ideas/thoughts/fragments of patterns rattling around in my head and I need to get them out before they *poof* disappear. It's happened before. Truth.

So, because I'm the coolest person, ever, I invested in some wrist compression sleeves to alleviate some pain when I crochet/type. I realize, of course, that I could just cut back on playing with sticks and string, but where's the fun in that? Also, I can't crochet when I'm wearing wrist braces so this was the only option. Yep. Rockin' granny in progress. Right here.

Well then, on to the cooler stufff. As mentioned, I've been super busy. You can see just HOW busy right over here.

But more importantly, I've finished off 3 new original designs(!!) One has been months of work the other two were much smaller scale projects, and here's what I have to show for it:

"All that Glitters" Holiday Wristers - Notice the lacy Christmas tree pattern? *beam*

New Banana Hammock 2.0 (revamped the pattern for a custom order and loved it!)

THIS! Tea Cozy Hat. Get it? I've been working on it for MONTHS literally. Based on a knit hat that I came across last year. I'm not a knitter so I had to get creative and make the hat in Crochet!

Well... that's all for now. It's late and I've been computering for way too long today.

Night night folks.. zzzzz..

I feel like I need to preface this entry by saying: This is not, nor is it trying to be, a food blog.

So, my office is pretty food motivated, most of our social events are centered around food; a favorite, which we do several times a year is iron chef.

For Valentine's day we're doing strictly desserts! Yippie! My challenge was "something red".

I tried to make Raspberry White Chocolate fudge on the weekend, with this "two ingredient fudge" that's all the rage (Google it) but honestly, Bunny and I thought it was sickeningly sweet and promptly tossed it in the compost!

My next idea was cinnamon heart cheesecake. But it does not exist! I scoured Pinterest and food blogs to no avail. I came across some yummy looking cinnamon heart cookies but I'm like a dog with a bone once I get something in my head, and I wanted cheesecake. With cinnamon hearts.

So, because I was obsessing over recipes, this pieced itself together in my head today and I HAD to try it as soon as I got home.


The trick now is going to be making them last until Friday. Ugh.

This recipe makes 24 mini cupcake sized cheesecake bites:

Graham Cracker Crust:

· 3/4 cup graham cracker crumbs
· 1/4 cup brown sugar
· 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, melted (or butter, I just don't use it.)
· 1/2 tsp cinnamon

- Combine ingredients until well blended.
- Press into cupcake liners about 1 scant teaspoon each seems to work.
- bake at 375° for 5 minutes.

Now for the good stuff:


· 1/2 cup skim milk powder
· 1/3 cup sugar
· 1/3 cup cinnamon hearts (plus extra for toppings, optional)
· 3 tablespoons boiling water
· 2 tablespoons coconut oil
· 2 tablespoons lemon juice
· 4 oz cream cheese

- In a food processor pulse the sugar and cinnamon hearts together until the cinnamon hearts become almost the texture of sugar.
- Add in skim milk powder, water, and coconut oil, pulse to blend then mix on high until smooth.
- Add lemon juice and cream cheese, blend until incorporated.
- Fill cupcake liners with cheesecake mixture and chill until set.

*optional, top with cinnamon hearts (Ooh, crushed?) or icing. Yum!

The cream cheese is an excellent compliment for the spicy sweetness of the cinnamon hearts. I've only eaten one... for now, and I may have taken liberties with the bowl.

Spring is coming.. some day :)

Got to making these guys when I was in a "Spring" mood yesterday. It may be -34ºC outside, but the sun was shining and I was in the mood for some colours in my life!

I'm so thrilled with them, they take a bit of work because you're using thread and it's a small space you're crocheting into but I think the outcome is worth it. I originally planned to stuff them with some poly that I use for amigurumi, but they are tight enough to keep their shape and leaving them hollow allowed me to hide secrets inside!

Colours Stacking Bangles
Set Secret Wish

More information via Me and my hook.

And because I'm enjoying my new creations:

Crochet Bangles


It's a crochetpalooza! The Sequel!

Why did I feel the need to put these in separate posts? Who knows. Maybe just 'cause.

I've been on a bit of a Micro-Crochet (it's a thing!) kick lately. And though my thread is only size 10 and not finer, I still think these qualify. Everything is less than 1" and most are closer to the 1/2-3/4" range in size. All of them are creations from the abyss inside my head which makes me darn proud.

Welly Tinkerbell Flat Red Heart Pink Heart
Rose Strawberry Cherries Blue Valentine

I've made myself a heart in a minty green and I am in LOVE. I listed a few of these on Etsy too, http://meandmyhook.etsy.com! I'm really excited about them. I'm waiting for the rest of the silver chains that I ordered to arrive so I can list the rest.

1622057_656941107697807_819544769_n (1)

It's a crochetpalooza! Part: The First


I have this crazy obsession with doilies.

Oh, you didn't know?

So I'm gonna be a l'il old lady here for a minute and gush over this:

Petit Pineapple Doily and Strawberry

The pineapple stitch is so iconic and I just love it. When I was obsessing over what to get for my tattoo I really wanted something that incorporated the pineapple stitch, but I couldn't find anything that translated well (in my opinion). Anyway, I'm so in love.

The strawberry coaster is my new obsession for the weekend. A friend pointed it out to me and I immediately hunted down the closest pattern I could find. The original is no longer available so this is what I came up with. But it's too small for a coaster so I'm going to try to re-write the pattern to fit my purpose. Here goes nothin'!

So, this happened...

Love of crochet meets love of tattoos:

In Progress Break time... Close up All done

Yep, it's a crochet doily inspired mandala. It's amazing. I'm sure a lot of people in my circle are going to disapprove, but really if you know me at all you should expect nothing less from me. So that's all I have to say about that. I feel like it's always been there, like it's a part of me.

A lot of people are trying to read way too much into it and have come up with some awesome theories as to the meaning, but it has no deeper meaning than "I think it is beautiful." That's all I need.