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It's a crochetpalooza! Part: The First


I have this crazy obsession with doilies.

Oh, you didn't know?

So I'm gonna be a l'il old lady here for a minute and gush over this:

Petit Pineapple Doily and Strawberry

The pineapple stitch is so iconic and I just love it. When I was obsessing over what to get for my tattoo I really wanted something that incorporated the pineapple stitch, but I couldn't find anything that translated well (in my opinion). Anyway, I'm so in love.

The strawberry coaster is my new obsession for the weekend. A friend pointed it out to me and I immediately hunted down the closest pattern I could find. The original is no longer available so this is what I came up with. But it's too small for a coaster so I'm going to try to re-write the pattern to fit my purpose. Here goes nothin'!